Dave Haggblad

Dave Haggblad
Dave Haggblad Senior Front End Developer Chicago Digital


Hi, I'm a business professional and Front End Developer with experience in many disciplines, somewhat of a renaissance man. I’m quick to learn, slow to burn, and while I can get from A to B, and add in C and D, my strength is that I think about that Zebra over there. (I look at the big picture)

I live in the beautiful Okanagan Valley in British Columbia Canada, and enjoy golf, camping and a drive by the lake with the roof off the Jeep.

Business Catalyst has been a fabulous platform for my business, I love it, and my customers love what it does for them. The support community and particularly BC Gurus has been an incredible source of knowledge and I'm happy to be able to give back what I've learned along the way.

Check out my site http://digitalinkmultimedia.com, which is built based on a Bootstrap Template. I used videos from BC Gurus to learn how to adapt the base template for use in Business Catalyst…yay!