Vertical Marketing Prototype Business Catalyst Template

Vertical Marketing Prototype

BC Partners Only

This template is build for the BC partner to sell Business Catalyst websites in a specific niche market. Pick your market, custom tailor your offering, and sell sites online.

Pricing and Plans

This template comes with a unique pricing and plans feature that allows you to offer several website package options that the customer can pick, customize, and buy online.

Homepage Slider

Make an impression on the homepage with an easy to update photo slideshow that includes options for including text, links, web forms, and other calls to action.


This template includes styles and setup examples for features like the blog, photo galleries, FAQs, media downloads, web forms, secure zones, and more.


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Templates are all set to go with a pre-setup and styled online store.


Fully Responsive

Templates look great on any device.


Unlimited Support

On top of detailed documentation, we offer lifetime support should any issues or questions arise.