Adobe MAX Recap - The Best and Brightest

Adobe MAX was an awesome experience. Meeting the BC team, partners, techno, the cloud, ballet, Weezer, Dwight, Sneaks and so much more great stuff!

Friday, October 7, 2011 - Posted by Carol Lemke to Editorial Opinion

I have to say, MAX was an awesome experience and what a huge opportunity. First off, it was so great to put a face to the Adobe Business Catalyst team and the partners that rely on this software as much as we do. We got to talk one on one with them to discover what their processes are, their experience with BC, learn about their accomplishments and also throw a few beers back with them, which is always a plus. What was really cool to see is all the BC Guru support. We launched our Pro package the week of MAX and it was a huge hit! And for all of you Pros out there, we have a lot more juicy information coming down the pipe for next month!

Speaking of Business Catalyst, Bogdan from the Adobe team, presented V3 which is looking fantastic and from the sounds of it, is only going to get better. I can’t wait to introduce it to clients once it’s polished. I also attended a few other presentations on BC. Jason, from SimpleFlame showcased some of the advanced capacities that are possible with BC – showing us all you just need a little bit of coffee and JavaScript magic to really stretch the limits of the program. Fellow BC Guru, Brent Weaver, presented on the benefits of BC for a small business owner – I mean BC has everything from E-Commerce, Email Marketing, CMS, Analytics, and the list goes on. We also found out that Brent should never wear a Kimono! Haha! Very interesting presentation on the goods inside for a BC Gurus Pro.

Holy Wow

Not only was it great to discuss BC with the Adobe team and partners, but we got to discover and learn more about the Adobe products. Some of these products were reviewed in the first keynote – which holy wow - was amazing. I mean you walk into this massive auditorium, lights out, glow sticks, techno blaring… Adobe knows how to get the blood flowing in the morning! The show began with a violinist, ballet dancers, music blaring and oh yeah, they used a 4K projector meaning 3D and high def! I mean what a presentation! I would definitely recommend checking out that first keynote session online if you have the time. In this presentation Kevin Lynch, Adobe CTO, showed out some impressive touch apps – Ideas, Collage, Proto (too name a few) -- and the cloud technology which allows you to manage production over a variety of devices – desktop, tablet, mobile – it’s just amazing how easy it would be to use this new technology to collaborate with your peers and nerds all over the world!

Another thing that stands out in my mind is the Sneaks presentation – hosted by the one and only Dwight, from The Office!! (I should really learn his real name at some point…) The solutions presented on stage were amazing and I cannot wait for Adobe to implement them in future programs. My favorite was the last one which took a blurred photograph, figured out the range of motion and then poof (nerd magic!) the photograph was in focus in a matter of seconds. Genius! Sneaks unveiled the best of the best technologies that are coming down the Adobe pipe created by some of the best and brightest out there.

The last thing I want to touch on are the sessions. They covered a variety of topics and no matter if you were a business owner, creative or developer, there was something for everyone. I want to thank all the speakers and Adobe for sharing their knowledge, expertise and experiences with us all. It was all very educational and inspirational. All in all, I had a great experience. If you ever have an opportunity to attend Adobe MAX, DO IT. You will not regret it. It is a huge opportunity to learn more about the technologies we use everyday, the new software coming down the pipe and meet the team that made it all possible. Thanks so much Adobe!

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